Transfer of funds to your trading account

Very common question when opening such account is, whether one should fund it from his own account? The answer is definitely yes.

Regulations you need to adhere to dictate that any funds invested need to come directly from your name and your name only, into an account that is set up in your name and your name only. You cannot use a check from a friend or family member to fund your account.

The best way to fund your account is via a bank wire or credit card directly from your checking or savings account.




A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of money between accounts, including accounts at different financial institutions. Wire transfers are fast and highly secure.


Sending money to a trading account via credit card or debit card is easy, secure and the fastest way to fund your trading account and start to trade.


What is the fastest way to fund my trading account?

Most of traders fund their trading accounts with a credit card. It`s the fastest way. Almost immediately you will see your money on your trading account. It`s cheaper than classic bank wire transfer. Online brokers do not charge any commission on your deposits.

Can I later send more funds to my trading account?

Yes, you can. In case that traders are satisfied with the services of the chosen online broker they fund their accounts over again.

Don`t I have to worry about entering a credit card number and a CVV code?

You don`t have to worry about the safety. All online brokers have completely safe online payment methods. It cannot be misused and it`s completely safe and most common way of funding accounts.

What if I enter the credit card information, click on deposit and I don`t see the money on my trading account?

Most likely you don`t have allowed payments over the Internet. You have to request your bank to allow the internet payments. Don`t worry about abuse. The money stayed in your bank account.

How to withdraw my money?

Most online brokers have an easy way how trader can withdrawal their money. You have just to fill an easy withdrawal form and your money will be send to your bank account back.

Deposit and withdrawal of your invested money is safe in case you choose licensed and regulated broker. Your money is safe.