Friday, December 1, 2023

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FTC enhances investigative procedures to deal with AI-related lawbreaking

The FTC unanimously approved a measure to streamline its staff’s ability to issue civil investigative demands (CIDs) — a form of compulsory process similar to a subpoena — in investigations relating to AI while retaining its authority to determine when CIDs are issued. Continue Reading on Cointelegraph

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Weekly outlook of financial market events

During the European Monday morning on November 27, 2024, the exchange value of the single European currency euro (EUR) against the US dollar moved...

The price of oil signals a bearish outlook

In the course of the Thursday trading day of November 23, 2023, oil prices on the world commodity market initially fell by 1% of...

Escalating geopolitical risk may cause a market correction

Financial markets "believe that we are in for a soft landing, they believe that geopolitical risks will not escalate, and therefore the risk premiums...

The Fed minutes did not say anything about cutting rates

The regularly published detailed minutes from the meetings of US central bankers, known as the "minutes" of the Federal Reserve System (FED), which is...

The price of gold crossed the $2,000 mark per troy ounce

The course of Tuesday's gold trading on the commodity market on November 21, 2023 brought a situation in the European afternoon when the price...


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