Will This Consumer Trend Turn Bearish For The Stock Market?


It sounds a bit funny, but it’s very accurate: consumer behavior can tell you a lot about the stock market, especially when comparing buying discretionary items against buying everyday staples items.

In today’s chart, we look at the long-term performance ratio of the U.S. Consumer Discretionary ETF (NYSE:IYC) to the U.S. Consumer Staples ETF (NYSE:IECS.)

When discretionary spending is outperforming, this ratio is headed higher and indicative of consumers being more willing to spend money (risk-on).

Discretionary/Staples Ratio Monthly Chart.

Discretionary/Staples Ratio Monthly Chart.

As you can see, the longer-term trend has been higher, confirming a bullish trend for the ratio and the stock market. This is highlighted by the rising price channel at each (1.) But the ratio has turned sharply lower this month after testing the upper end of the price channel. It is now attempting a bearish reversal.

The decline currently has the ratio testing its up-trend line at (2.) If support breaks at (2,) it will send a bearish message to investors. Stay tuned.

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