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Walmart Inc. increased its total turnover

Company Walmart Inc. (NYSE-WMT) has increased its sales in discount department sector by 3.4% and its hypermarket chains by 43%. The company has increased its total turnover by 1.7% to 124.9 billion USD and also increased its operating profit in a yearly comparison by 4.2% to 5.0 billion USD. Thanks to these successful economic results for the third quarter of 2018, which also resulted from huge investment in development of Walmart Inc. (NYSE-WMT), its stocks caught an interest of both private investors and international investment corporations, what lead to the price of these stocks to equal 93.19 USD per share.

Walmart Inc. (NYSE-WMT) is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores across the world. The price philosophy of the company is to set new low prices every day. Walmart Inc. (NYSE-WMT) was founded on 2nd of July 1962, and its headquarters are in Bentonville, Arkansas. As of October 31, 2018, Walmart has 11,277 stores and clubs in 27 countries and is the largest private employer in the world, with 2.3 million employees. The company is also a consistent dividend payer, which regularly increases the yields of its dividends.

Walmart Inc. (NYSE-WMT), in their public statement to media, announced that they invested and will invest a large part of its savings into its business. The analyst from MKM Partners, Patrick McKeever said that: “Walmart continues to use their saved investments to increase salaries, to provide more education to its employees what reflects into more profit for the company, but also reflect on more effective logistics, bigger storages and better customer service.” Walmart has had a total turnover for the fiscal year of 2018 of 500,34 billion USD with operating profit of 20.437 billion USD. After deducting all the taxes and other expenses, company earned net profit of 9.862 billion USD. Company owns assets valued at 204.54 billion USD with its own capital of 77.869 billion USD.

Company pays regular quarterly dividends to its shareholders. Dividend yield is currently at 2.23% p.a. which was agreed upon by the director’s board of the company at the value of 2.08 USD per share. Thanks to the results of the third quarter of 2019 and significant investments into development of its business, Walmart became a very attractive target for buying stocks for both private investors and international investment corporations. The predictions of financial analysts are that the value of this stock will increase in a medium-term horizon, where average goal price of the stock would be 105.40 USD per share.


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