U.S. Stocks Post The Only 1-Year Gain For The Major Asset Classes


And then there was one. The slow grind of selling in global markets this year has left the US equity market with the lone positive total return for the trailing one-year trend among the major asset classes, based on a set of exchange-traded products through last week’s close.

The upside distinction for US stocks is doubly striking because this market not only stands alone with a positive year-over-year change. The size of the gain is also notable when stacked up against the red ink that otherwise prevails for the major asset classes.

Vanguard Total Stock Market (NYSE:VTI), which targets a broad set of US equities, was up 7.3% for the trailing one-year period through the close of trading last week (Nov. 16). The respectable performance is well below the one-year gains that VTI had been posting earlier in the year, but the downsized increase still leaves the rest of the field in the dust.

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