Trump says too soon to talk with China on trade


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday said it was “too soon” for Washington to talk to Beijing about working out a deal on trade, suggesting U.S. tariffs have yet to exert enough pressure to force Beijing into making concessions at the negotiating table.

“China wants to talk, very badly, and I said, ‘Frankly, it’s too early to talk.’ Can’t talk now, because they’re not ready,” Trump said during remarks on trade at the White House. “If, politically, people force it too quickly, you’re not going to make the right deal for our workers and for our country.”

During his remarks, which focused on a new U.S. trade deal with Canada and Mexico, Trump hailed the power of tariffs he has imposed to bring American trading partners to the table.

But he suggested steeps tariffs he has placed on U.S. imports of Chinese products have yet to bend Beijing’s will.

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