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There Are 17 Better Plays (Paying 7.5%) Than These 998 Bonds

How’s your bond portfolio doing? It should be a rock of stability right now.

Of course we may need to look past prices, which can swing wildly, and focus on net asset values and income, which are more reliable anchors.

For example I’ve been hearing from readers who were concerned that our excellent PIMCO Dynamic Credit Income Fund (NYSE:PCI) isn’t “acting well.” Its price has whipsawed around this year, mostly in our favor. But lately it’s pulled back amidst the broader market drama and subscribers are worried the market “knows something” that we don’t.

Let’s put this price volatility in perspective. The market actually knows nothing – it is simply crazy! If it were sane, it wouldn’t send PCI’s price (blue line below) higher and then lower even though its underlying portfolio value (orange line) stays steady and collects monthly coupon payments:

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