McDonald’s sells double cheeseburgers for half a dollar


Fast food giant McDonaldˇs Corp. (NYSE:MCD) is celebrating “National Cheeseburger Day” today, Monday, September 18, 2023, and has put a special, if not symbolic, price on one of its most popular menu items, the Double Cheeseburger. So only on 9/18/2023, customers could and until midnight in the US can still buy this typical American sandwich for only 50 cents of the American dollar (USD). However, this special offer is only available to customers using the fast food chain’s smartphone app and is limited to one burger per customer.

McDonald’s Corporation operates and franchises McDonald’s restaurants. The company’s restaurants serve locally relevant food and beverage offerings, and the restaurants are owned and operated by independent local entrepreneurs. The company has a territorial division into segments, which primarily includes the United States of America, then International Operated Markets and International Developmental Licensed Markets & Corporate. The International Operated Markets segment includes trading operations in markets such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. Another segment International Developmental Licensed Markets & Corporate includes markets in more than 80 countries as well as corporate activities. The company also supports online sales, including delivery to an address, but not across all its segments, but varies by region. The company’s food menu still mostly includes dishes such as hamburgers and cheeseburgers, including the Big Mac.

Shares of this famous company McDonaldˇs Corp. (NYSE:MCD) as a symbol of fast public catering under the established name “Top Fast Food” are publicly traded on the prestigious world stock market NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) so-called on Wall Street. Currently during the Monday European afternoon on September 18 this year 2023, at approximately 16:47 CET, which corresponds to the main trading time of the New York Stock Exchange within the US East Coast US morning, these NYSE-MCD shares were trading at a value of $278.54 per share, with a daily gain of +0 .20% of the price of this stock. According to technical analysis data, compared to the current price and the price at the beginning of this year 2023, then it follows that this stock has increased by + 5.57% of its price since the beginning of this year 2023. The company McDonaldˇs its shareholders pays a regular dividend which currently yields 2.18% per annum.Based on the current share price (NYSE:MCD), this company’s market capitalization has reached a total volume of $202.74 billion for now.

Today’s loyalty promotion is the latest in an app-based promotion from McDonald’s, which gave away free fries in July in honor of National French Fries Day and earlier this year in 2023, according to economic reporters, followed by brokerage analysts and stock market financial strategists McDonald’s offered customers who downloaded its app free 6-piece McNuggets to mark the item’s 40th anniversary. However, today’s 50-cent USD burger is not the cheapest burger offered by fast food chains on Monday 9/18/2023. For example, Burger King is offering a free heeseburger to any member of its Royal Perks rewards program who makes a purchase of $1 or more. However, according to brokerage analysts followed by stock market strategists, NYSE-MCD stock has potential for further price growth and according to these experts, an average target price of $334.54 per share has been set for this stock in the short to medium term investment horizon. horizon.