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JPMorgan starts Palmer Square Capital BDC with Overweight

The analyst at JPMorgan highlighted Palmer Square Capital BDC’s focus on larger borrowers and more liquid broadly syndicated loans. This approach, combined with a portfolio that is marked more frequently and transparently, is seen as advantageous for investors. The firm’s management team was also noted for their extensive experience spanning decades in leveraged credit and structured credit strategies.

Palmer Square Capital BDC has been recognized for its solid positioning within the market, particularly for those investors who are looking for exposure to private credit. The company’s strategic emphasis on larger borrowers is designed to offer a level of stability and liquidity that could be appealing to certain investors.

The $17.00 price target set for December 2024 by JPMorgan suggests a positive trajectory for the stock’s performance. This target is indicative of the firm’s expectations for the company’s growth and profitability over the course of the year.

Investors and market watchers will likely monitor Palmer Square Capital BDC’s progress as it strives to meet the expectations set forth by JPMorgan’s analysis. The Overweight rating is a sign that the analyst believes the company’s stock will outperform the average return of the stocks the analyst covers.

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