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Investors focus on shares of Lockheed Martin Corp.

Shares of Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE-LMT) are considered to be a potential upside stock by brokerage analysts and stock market financial strategists. For this statement, analysts cite the fact that this company, which is more than 80% oriented to government contracts of the United States of America in the field of advanced information technology, aerospace, weapons systems and defense military equipment, has mainly US government contracts with regard to security situation in the world closed for many years ahead.

The geopolitical situation in the world at the moment places this, to put it bluntly, an arms agency mainly working for the US government in a situation where the demand for their services exceeds its own production program and the ability to supply advanced information technologies, including artificial intelligence programs, and these are thus ordered by the US administration and especially the Pentagon for a number of months to years with delivery in the next period. It is precisely these facts at the time of war conflicts in the world, such as the Israeli-Palestinian dispute over the territory of Gaza, and especially the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has been ongoing for the second year, when this conflict already carries elements that threaten global security and comes to the fore as a dispute between the great powers of the world by the Russian Federation (RF) and the United States of America (USA), creates the necessity of further armaments. The Lockheed Martin Corporation provides the supply of weapons and especially jet military aircraft of the modern F-35 type for the USA and other NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) member states.

Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE-LMT), headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 116,000 people worldwide and is primarily engaged in research, design, development, manufacturing, integration and maintenance advanced technological systems, products and services. It works through four segments. The Aeronautics segment is engaged in the research, design, development, production, support and modernization of military aircraft, including combat and airborne aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and related technologies. The Missiles and Fire Control segment provides air and missile defense systems; fire control systems; manned and unmanned ground vehicles and energy management solutions. The rotary and mission systems segment provides design, manufacture, service and support for a variety of military and commercial helicopters, surface ships, naval and land-based missile defense systems, radar systems, naval and air missions and combat systems, command and control mission solutions, cyber solutions and solutions for simulation and training. The space segment is engaged in the research and development, design, construction and manufacture of satellites, space transportation systems, strike and defense systems.

During the Monday European afternoon of January 8, 2024, at approximately 16:08 CET, which corresponds to the time when the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) stock market had already been trading for approximately one hour during the main trading hours, LMT shares were recorded with this during that time, traders with these shares their current zero price difference compared to the previous trading day. On the date and time indicated, this NYSE-LMT stock was trading at $454.42 per share in a technical decline in its price, but with zero daily share price volatility to date. On Monday, January 8, 2024, during the main trading time, NYSE-LMT shares slightly increased their price at the end of the trading session and closed at a value of USD 458.60 per share. According to stock market strategists, investors can take advantage of the previous decline in the NYSE-LMT share price by buying the LMT share in time before it changes its trading trend, when the predictions indicate a rise in the price, and this subsequent price difference then creates a predicted attractive profit from holding this NYSE-LMT share. The current average price target is set by analysts at $484.35 per share of NYSE-LMT in the short term, while they expect the price of this NYSE-LMT stock to be around $550 per share in the medium term investment horizon.


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