Investor interest in shares of Visa Inc. is increasing


With the end of this year fast approaching, investors are trying to find an optimum investment instrument, a so called “safe bet“. According to leading analysts of global brokerage companies, shares of Visa Inc. (NYSE-V), which benefit from a Santa Claus Rally, have fit the bill for many years. On Monday 25 November, 2019 the price of the NYSE-V shares closed at US$ 180.97 per share with a daily appreciation of  US$ +1.50 per share, which represents a daily increase of +0.84% of its price. According to the technical analysis, the price of Visa Inc. share has increased by +37.16% since the beginning of this year.

The price of Visa Inc. shares, traded on the public stock market at a world-class trading venue, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), again, as almost every year in this season shows the business trend of the bull market. Investors’ interest has traditionally strengthened in this time of the year and this excess of demand over supply has pushed the price up. According to data from technical analysis, the price of Visa Inc. (NYSE-V) increased its value by +36.20% over the last 52 weeks. Investors speculate on the rise in price because, in this season, due to the increased use of credit cards and other payment instruments of the company, Visa Inc. makes a highly attractive profit, which is redistributed amongst the shareholders in the form of dividend payments.

Visa Inc. (NYSE-V) pays regular quarterly-paid dividends to its shareholders. The dividend yield is currently 0.66% p.a. and was approved by the Company’s General Meeting at US$ 1.20 per share, which is up by 20% compared to the previous year. The company also published positive economic results for 2018 and its net profit increased by 53.75% year-on-year to US$ 10.3 billion. It has also become an official payment technology partner for New York Fashion Week. All this has contributed to the NYSE-V stock becoming a highly sought-after investment instrument. According to analysts and financial strategists the stock price is expected to rise in the short to medium term. The average target price was set at US$ 207.49 per share.

The company was founded 59 years ago as BankAmericard. Over time the company has changed its logo and name to Visa Inc. (NYSE-V). It is headquartered in Forest City, California, USA. It offers a very wide range of payment systems, including its own software products, enabling secure and quick money transfer between merchants and bank paying customers, primarily on the basis of cashless money transfers with guaranteed payments including various types of insurance and a safe use of the payment system for card users but also for payment terminal operators. Currently, the company penetrates into the Arab business world and already cooperates with leading Islamic banks, especially Bank Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It also maintains extensive business connections on the Asian continent, including China, where Visa Inc. (NYSE-V) has established cooperation with representatives of China Merchants Bank and Shanghai.