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Ford avoided a workers’ strike in Canada

Ford Motor Company avoided strikes on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border on Tuesday evening, 09/19/2023, as it announced a tentative agreement with the Canadian union Unifor representing roughly 5,600 auto workers. Shares of this Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) have shown a price increase of 8% over the last 37 weeks since the beginning of this year 2023. However, the current price of this NYSE:F stock is more in line with its average year-over-year comparison, but the company still pays its shareholders an attractive dividend of 60 cents USD, which at the current share price represents a yield of 4.78% per annum.

The current share price of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) as of the last closed trading day, i.e. as of Tuesday 09/19/2023 was $12.56 per share with a daily increase of +1.78% of its price. The current stock price of NYSE:F traded primarily on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) during the European Wednesday morning on September 20, 2023 at approximately 10:58 CET in the pre-market phase of the Wall Street stock market was 12 .63 USD per share with a daily increase of +0.56% from its price reached during the previous trading session. According to the communication of the economic correspondents following the analysts of brokerage companies and investment strategists of the stock market, the current trading trend of this stock NYSE:F is in the pre-trading phase in a bull market style, and according to these experts, the price growth is influenced by the positive investor sentiment, considering that The management of the Ford Motor Company managed to reach an agreement with the Canadian trade unionists, but both sides refused to immediately disclose the details of the agreement.

Ford Motor Company is an automotive company that designs, manufactures, sells and services a wide range of automobiles, including electrified passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as Ford trucks, commercial vehicles, vans and passenger cars ranging from small, medium and family cars to luxury Lincoln cars. The company’s segments include Ford Blue, Ford Model e, Ford Pro, Ford Next and Ford Credit. Its Ford Blue segment develops gas-powered and hybrid vehicles. Its Ford Model e segment is engaged in the development of electronic vehicles (EVs) along with embedded software that defines continuous digital experiences for all customers. The Ford Pro segment helps commercial customers transform and grow their business with vehicles and services tailored to their needs. The Ford Next segment deals with mobility solutions and provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company, which is primarily engaged in providing vehicle financing and leasing. Ford Motor Company generated an operating profit of 6.3 billion USD for the last year 2023 and the company’s assets are around 200 billion USD with an average annual turnover of around 120 billion USD. This global automotive giant currently employs around 160,000 employees worldwide.

The Detroit-based Ford Motor Company and the Canadian union UNIFOR reached a mutual preliminary agreement just a few hours before the announced date of the auto workers’ strike. The Unifor strike would affect Ford’s Oakville assembly plant, which makes the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus crossovers, as well as two plants that make V8 engines used in key products such as the Ford F-Series pickup and Mustang muscle car. Ford Motor Company and Unifor declined to immediately release details of the agreement, which Ms. Lana Payne, the union’s national president, said “addresses all of the points raised by members in preparation for this round of collective bargaining.” this agreement will solidify the foundation upon which we will continue to negotiate profits for generations of Canadian automakers,” Ms. Payne said Tuesday evening, 09/19/2023. The union is expected to release details of the deal to members in the coming days, followed by a vote. If the agreement is ratified, it will be used as a model uniform for negotiations with GM and Stellantis, where approximately 12,700 workers are already on strike at GM (General Motors) plants, where the production of medium-sized trucks and pickup trucks has been stopped. up Investors are highly positive about the Ford deal, which is reflected in the NYSE:F share price, which headed higher with the price.


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