Coca-Cola Co launches its own energy drink


The worldwide known beverage producer, the Coca-Cola Company (NYSE-KO) is introducing a novelty in its long-term manufacturing history – an energy drink, following the example of the well-known Red Bull energy drink. This new product is called Coca-Cola Energy and is the very first in a series of energy drinks produced by this American company. It will be distributed throughout the United States and subsequently will expand worldwide. It will be produced in 4 versions, a classic and a zero, and there will also be a cherry-flavored versions of both, containing 114 milligrams of caffeine per 12 oz.

Against this background, along with the fact that on Friday, 18 October, 2019 the Coca-Cola Company (NYSE-KO) reported its ongoing economic results, the company has recorded an increased investor interest in recent days. As of 17 October, 2019 the price reached US$ 53.79 per share, adding a +1.13% increase during after-hours trading to US$ 54.40 per share. The price of this stock based on technical analysis shows a gradual long-term growth and compared to the previous year, the price increased by +21.74% over the past 52 weeks.

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE-KO) is a global manufacturer and retailer of non-alcoholic beverages with more than 500 brands where it is as a direct manufacturer or owner of a production license. The most famous brands include the Coca-Cola drink of the same name, made in lots of variations and distributed literally around the world. Coca-Cola was founded 131 years ago on 8 May, 1986 and since 1919 it has been headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The Coca Cola name originated from two main ingredients, namely coca leaves, which are grown in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, and cola nuts, which contains caffeine and is found in Central Africa. Coca Cola’s recipe remains a trade secret. It employs 61,800 permanent employees in all its branches.

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE-KO) also pays attractive quarterly-paid dividends to its shareholders. The dividend yield is currently 2.99% p.a. and the dividend was approved by the company’s General meeting at US$ 1.60 per share. Due to the acquisition of Chi Limited and recently also the Costa Coffee chain, the NYSE-KO stock has become highly sought after. According to brokerage analysts and investment banks’ financial strategists, the share price increase is expected in the short-term investment horizon, with the average target share price set at US$ 57.48 per share.


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