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Boeing increases its production

Boeing Co. (NYSE-BA) provides an optimistic perspective regarding their growth and therefore potentially the stock (NYSE-BA) increasing in value, due to the increase in manufacturing orders what is already reflected in increased production. Boeing Co. turnover for this quarter totaled 24.3 billion USD, which increased by 5.2% compared to the last year. EBITDA was about 4.7 billion USD, while net profit equaled 2.2 billion USD, with an increase of 25.5% compared to the corresponding yearly quarter of 2017. These facts have influenced the interest of investors and price of the stock (NYSE-BA) hit 367,46 USD on 20th of September, with a daily growth of 0.61% of the price of the stock, while in the last 12 months, the price has increased by 43.84%. Since the beginning of this year, value has grown by 24.60%.

Boeing Co. (NYSE-BA) and its subsidiaries design, manufacture and sell commercial airplanes, together with providing support services for commercial flight industry around the whole world. Company also dabbles in research and development of defense systems, including battle planes, helicopters, space and rocket systems. This includes guidance and targeting systems for missiles and other weapons, together with related products such as electronics or missiles themselves. Boeing Co. offers its customers series of financial products such as an operating lease or a financial leasing.

Strong growth of turnover in the second quarter of 2018 was mostly caused because of 194 finished Boeing orders and bigger amount of sold products in the security and defense segment. CEO of Boeing Co. (NYSE-BA) Dennis Muilenburg has proclaimed in the annual report, that “We are witnesses of the results that teamwork throughout whole Boeing brings, together with the interest of our customers. We are increasing our revenue and profit and have gotten new orders worth 27 billion USD in the past three months.” Company has registered 239 new orders for commercial planes in the second quarter of 2018.

During that quarter, company has also finished contracts on 28 multirole fighter aircrafts F/A 18E/F Super Hornet for Kuwait, three P-8 Poseidon military aircrafts and 58 tiltrotor military aircrafts V-22 Osprey for American Navy. These facts have sparked an interest of private investors and global investment companies and that increased the value of stocks of Boeing Co. (NYSE-BA). Their turnover for the fiscal year of 2017 was 93.392 billion USD, with EBITDA of 10.278 billion USD. After the deduction of all the taxes, interests etc. the net profit gets to 8.197 billion USD. Company owns assets worth 92.333 billion USD and owns capital of 412 million USD. Boeing Co. employs 141,322 employees.

Boeing Co. pays out quarterly dividends to its stockholders, dividend yield was agreed upon by the board of directors and currently equals 1.86%, or 6.84 USD per share. Based on the latest estimates of financial analysts, we can expect mid-term price of stock (NYSE-BA) to increase to an expected 411.91 USD per share. This expected growth corresponds to the to the recent increase in production and present reality of higher demand for commercial flights.



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