5 Retail Dividends With An Amazon-Proof Story Paying Up To 10.4%


“Brett, I bought something for the girls. From Carter’s. Let me know when you get it.”

My mom thinks that postal delivery is a 50-50 proposition. She hedges her downside by purchasing 4X as many clothes as my young daughters actually need!

“Mom – thanks. Will do. And, you know, they’re probably good on dresses for now. They’ll be up another size in a few months.”

“Oh don’t you worry about that. I’ve got plenty of coupons,” she countered.

My folks live 2,562 miles from their granddaughters. And while long-distance grandparenting can be a challenge, the (increasingly online) experience provided byCarters Inc (NYSE:CRI) satisfies two of my mom’s favorite pastimes:

  1. Spoiling grandkids, and
  2. Shopping.

As much as I appreciate the wardrobe help, the reason you and I are discussing infant and toddler clothing today is that these purchases are powering remarkable payout growth.

In 2018, every “brick and mortar” business must have an “Amazon story” to explain why it won’t be eaten up. A few sentences explaining – succinctly and convincingly – why the firm won’t be swallowed alive by Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) in the years ahead.

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